What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a the process of placing your online commercial in front of targeted prospects. Halo Effects has developed a unique online method of pushing your video to the top of YouTube and Google. When your video appears at the top of the largest search engines, it provides your company an unfair advantage over the competition. Videos grab consumers attention because they are typically displayed with an image of what the video is, increasing click through rates up to 10 times more than normal website listings. Curiosity forces a prospect to click on your video.

Online Video Marketing

Here are some facts about video marketing:

  • YouTube is the 3rd most visited Website on the internet – 2nd is Facebook
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine – Google is 1st Yahoo 3rd
  • YouTube receives over 790 MILLION visitors per month and 100 BILLION page views
  • A total of 3 BILLION hours is spent on  YouTube in a month — over 325,000 years worth
  • Google and MSN both reported that sales can increase by 73% when Video is added!
  • When you have the right video optimization strategy, a Video will show up on the front page of Google for your keyword(s).
  • Studies show that consumers prefer to learn about your business thru video.

Why Video Marketing Is Important

In recent years a big part of print and electronic medium’s audience has turned online. They don’t have to be in front of TV to watch their favorite program; they even don’t need to buy a newspaper or magazine. All these things are just a click away. Therefore, digital medium has audiences/visitors of both conventional mediums. This situation motivates smart marketers to grab the opportunity. Take an example of YouTube video marketing; it is the third largest website with huge traffic touching nearly 800 million visitors every month. Other sites, such as, AOL Video, Dailymotion, Google/MSN/Yahoo Video and a countless list, have billions of visitors every month.

Video Can Have the Highest ROI

An engaging video of couple of minutes can do wonders to your business. These little presentations have brought tremendous results to many businesses around. Online video production companies offer complete solutions to businesses. Starting with the concept for an ad of a product they create, edit and finish an entire online commercial for you. After they have finished the video they publish and distribute your ad on different video sharing and social media websites. These video marketing companies don’t just make and upload your ad on different websites; they actually promote your video ad online.

Leveraging Social Media

Social medium is another platform where a video ad can turn the users into customers. Every day, billions of people use different social networking websites. Sharing a video ad on these sites is a must do thing today. Besides Internet video production these companies offer another valuable service i.e. search engine optimization/ranking for ad videos. They help in getting your ad video in top results of different search engines.

So, don’t wait till it’s too late, join the community of the smartest marketers who are using video marketing for promoting their products or services online. Give a new soul to your message and use Halo Effects’ video marketing service to produce, publish, distribute your companies online commercial.