SMS Marketing & Text Marketing

SMS & Text Marketing

Mobile Marketing (SMS and Text Marketing), a new marketing trend, is the result of the growth in the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices.

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If you own a salon, a coffee shop, an auto repair shop, a pizza shop or any other local business, you know that a regular paying customer is worth more to you than a customer you have to acquire. You may not, however, have any way of keeping track of your customers – who they are, how many of them you have, what they buy when they come in to your shop and therefore, you haven’t been marketing directly to them.

SMS Marketing and mobile marketing is using mobile devices as the method to distribute your marketing message.

It is just one tool in your arsenal of marketing strategies.

While SMS marketing is a very powerful tool, it should be used in addition to the other marketing techniques you’re already using.

You never want to count on just one marketing strategy to get your message out.

Why is mobile marketing so important to consider using? Statistics tell the story and you’ll be amazed!

  • About 1.3 billion internet users use email.
  • About 3 billion cell phone users use text messaging.
  • By the end of 2010, 6.5 trillion text messages will have been sent.
  • The global mobile advertising market will be valued at over $16 billion by 2011.
Source: M:Metrics, Common Short Codes: Cracking the Mobile Marketing Code

Mobile is the newest mass media and it has the potential to become the most influential mass media of all time.

Okay. You’re convinced mobile marketing is important.

But, how does SMS Marketing pertain to your business?

Well, if you’re experiencing a smaller marketing budget due to economic constraints, SMS Marketing, done correctly, can be a more affordable and effective way to build your client base than traditional marketing. You’re smart to learn more about these new mobile marketing strategies.

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