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Halo Effects, LLC is an internet marketing firm providing online marketing services for small to medium sized businesses in the United States, with an emphasis on local internet marketing in Arizona.

Halo Effects online marketing services help small and medium sized companies realize explosive growth by generating a steady flow of low costs leads, boosting sales conversion rates and leveraging client relationships.


The Lure of the Internet

The company was founded in 2004 after spending nine years developing web based applications and software in multiple industries. The company initially provided general business consulting services for start-up, small and medium-sized businesses, however, we quickly realized the dire need for inexpensive methods of launching new business ideas. The internet was the perfect vehicle and allowed smaller product and service companies to compete with Fortune 1000 companies who were selling in the same space.

As more large companies came online, paid advertising methods like Pay Per Click became increasingly more expensive. Halo Effects adapted by providing clients inexpensive website traffic through search engine optimization, local search engine marketing and Pay Per Click campaigns that were geographically and niche targeted.


The Future of Our Internet Marketing Firm

Today, internet marketing is even more attractive for promoting products and services as consumers throw away their Yellow Pages, stop reading newspapers and other print media. Social Media and the advent of user-driven content changes the way businesses can reach consumers and provides a new platform of connecting and building relationships with prospects.

In order to compete in an ever-changing online marketing environment, business owners need an affordable way to generate leads and sales. Halo Effects has developed turn-key websites, online advertising and email campaigns for the financial, legal, software, medical, entertainment, real estate, semiconductor, consulting, construction and entrepreneurial industries.


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